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Tonga Animal Welfare Society

Tonga Animal Welfare Society, known as TAWS, was established in 2020 by a group of animal loving residents to Tonga.

With so many animals on the island and no veterinarian the  community are often left with no where to turn for help. 

6 people who care passionately about animals and their welfare joined together to become the voice for animal welfare and to help support the community with challenges they face when it comes to animal care.


TAWS want to unite, educate and support the community and will endeavour to find a vet to come and live and work on the island, helping us to keep all animals - dogs, cats, pigs, goats, sheep, horses, bats, ducks, geese and cattle, healthy and safe from illness and pain.

The object of TAWS is:

To advocate for the welfare of animals and actively promote their humane treatment by promoting awareness of animal welfare.

• To Encourage the use of veterinary services.

• To help neglected, abandoned or unwanted animals

• To Prevent cruelty to and neglect of animals

•To relieve distress and aid injured and sick animals

• To raise funds to enable TAWS to achieve it's objectives.

• To contribute to the development of legislation and policy on animal welfare in Tonga

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